INSIDE OUT (in development) 

Inside Out is a site responsive, performance based investigation which explores the body's relationship to the natural environment. The investigation that has driven the work has been questioning, how to people in Western and developed countries consider 'self' in regards to 'nature'. 

In the West we distinguish nature from ourselves by naming it. This contrasts to Indigenous cultures that have no such word for 'nature'. We propose  that this is in part due to different ideologies, that indigenous cultures consider themselves as part of the land, inside of it, and connected to their surroundings. We are investigating the idea that we in the West separate ourselves from the natural world and in turn, consider nature as 'other'. 

The first creative development took place on the grounds of a Federation Style Mansion in Alphington, Melbourne, with large surrounding parklands. Over six weeks we created site responsive performance content, which responded to the separations and boundaries between the natural and built environments. 

The development was created with Fiorella Cordella Pamparana, Jo Leishman and Kate Sherman. With Leisa Shelton as provocateur.