King Carl the Cool is the pursuit of a unique dream and a meeting between Royalty and Rock n Roll.

Max is a young, neuro-diverse man from Melbourne, an expert on Royal families and a lover of rock n roll.

Over the last five years he has written and received over 150 letters from Royal families across the world.

The Royal who has particularly captured his interest over time has been King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. 

To honour King Carl, Max wrote him a rock song (in the chords of C and G) and called it KING CARL the COOL. 

Max and his family planned to visit Stockholm in May 2018, to see the Royal Palace, accompanied with a bold dream of meeting the King.

This documentary captures the journey of this dream whilst simultaneously revealing the gifts of someone who views the world through a unique perspective. 

At the core of this documentary is the ethos of neurodiversity; an approach or paradigm that emerged in the late 1990s and brings forward the idea that neurological differences such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other neurological conditions are a result of normal variations of the human genome rather than a medical disorder. Steve Silberman's book Neurotribes suggests that we need to ultimately recognise, celebrate and work with the strengths of those who have neurological differences in order to progress as a society. Silberman claims "It would be safe to say that a lot of the technological and cultural advancements that we encounter in our lives now can be attributed to the work of neurodiverse thinkers."

This documentary is co-directed by Amelia Ducker and Jo Leishman