A Live Art event led by neurodiverse young people.

 Genius invites you to participate in a series of immersive encounters with young people, where each Genius will present their unique perspective on the topic of their expertise.


Did you know that Prince Bernard gave Ian Flemming ideas for the creation of James Bond?

That Gough Whitlam was the Prime Minister for a mere 1701 days?

Or that the German word Waldeinsamkeit,refers to the feeling you get when you’re alone in the woods?


With subjects ranging from Royal Families of the World, Australian Animals, Linguistics,  to Gough Whitlam, this event is an opportunity to see life through an alternative lens– a surprising, eclectic walk through the inner- workings of a group of exceptional minds.


Conceived and directed by Amelia Ducker,

Designed by Amaya Vercellio.

Sound: Ben Td 

Collaborators: Sally Lewry, Kate Sherman, 

Artist Support: Lyndsay Marsden

Collaborator/ Dramaturg: Tom Middleditch

Stage Manager: Jo Leishman

Performers: Max Beale, Ted Hargreaves, Christian Tsoutsouvas, Julian Bennetto, William Hager & Katrina Chong.